Every musician has to market themselves, and there are plenty of ways that they can do this. The internet is one great resource with plenty of options. One of these is with live streaming.

What is Live Streaming?

Live streaming simply means the musician is being recorded, and at the same time, it is being broadcast. In this regard not much different than a live performance. Except the audience is not sitting in front of the musician. Instead, the performance is being broadcast over the internet to those who want to view it.

This method of performance has grown in popularity. It has become the preferred way for people to be able to interact on the internet. A good example of this is for gamblers who want to enjoy Live Casino Table Games or perhaps watch their favorite esports in real time.

Popular Performances

When it comes to musicians, who want to live stream, they need to know what is needed to attract their audience. Many think that the best audiences are those who enjoy live streaming of original songs. Therefore they are encouraging musicians to do their own songwriting and performances of this.


A musician or band can be great performers in regards to the music they are presenting. The live streaming audience wants more than that. They want to enjoy musicians who have a good and unique personality. One of the advantages that live stream audiences have is they can scrutinize the musicians more. There are some personality traits that the performer has to possess which are:

  • Consistency

Their audience is going to expect the same level of performance every time the musician live streams.

  • Flexible

At the same time, the musician has to be flexible. If changes are needed to enhance the performance, then the performer has to be able and willing to do this.

  • Comfortable

The musician has to be comfortable in the mobile setting which is what live streaming consists of.

  • Creativity

While the audience wants their favorite musicians to be consistent, they also want to see something new and exciting each time they are watching a live stream. This could be in the wardrobe or even in the choice of songs or a theme for the live stream.

  • Interactive

Musicians that are going to live stream still have to interact with their audience just as they would in a live performance. When they talk between songs, they need to talk to the audience.

  • Authenticity

Even though a cover band is showcasing a famous band, they still have to be authentic in their performance. They may be showcasing Guns N Roses by performing their songs, but the cover band has to have their own authentic way of doing this. In other words, they need to create their unique brand.

  • Structure and Spontaneity

One of the challenges a live streaming performer has to be able to do is implement some structure but also be spontaneous at times. This is what keeps the audience engaged and keeps them coming back to future live streaming events.

There is a lot to learn for solo musicians and cover bands that want to become involved in live streaming. It almost comes down to that they don’t have a choice if they really want to become successful in the music world. Live streaming is popular now, and it is also the way of the future.

Each time a live performer streams, they will learn a little bit more that will make their next performance even better. They must develop ways to get feedback from their audience. One of the indicators of success will be the increase in the size of the audience for each performance going forward.