When a person has the talent needed to be a musician, they have a lot of choices ahead of them. Then can enter the music world as a solo musician, or they can become part of a band. If the band is the choice then another decision has to be made. Which is what type of band do they want to become part of? Aside from genre some of the choices the musician has is a cover band, a tribute band or an original band.

Tribute Bands

These are bands that mimic famous bands or single performers. As an example, one of the most famous bands in the music industry is the Grateful Dead. It has been estimated that there are at least three hundred bands in the world that emulate this band. Tribute bands take on one specific band that they want to perform like.

Cover Bands

Cover Bands are different in that they will take on a variety of personas. The type of music or choice of music that they play one night may be different than how they perform the next time. Two bands in the same category can be completely different based on a variety of circumstances.


There are some music artists that have tried both types of bands and have found that while there are some similarities, there are also some major differences. One thing they all have in common is that they need to market themselves, but they may need to use different internet platforms to do this successfully.

Being in a Cover Band

The individual who has to choose as to what type of band they want to be in has to have some idea of what it will be like. Those in Cover Bands have some positive things to say about their choice. One of the significant aspects of cover bands is that they believe they make more money compared to local bands. They attribute this to the atmosphere that they perform in. Most cover bands perform where alcohol is being served. These establishments can afford to pay more for their entertainment. Also, they have more days available for the cover band to be able to perform.

Better Performers

Many that are in a cover band say another positive aspect about this is that it has made them a better performer. Partly because a good cover band gets plenty of gigs, so they can use this to perfect their skills, it also helps them to start to get recognized as a performer. This can help if they ever decide to go to another band category like an original.


Cover bands also get the chance to build some good connections. These range from all types of people, but mostly it is important for meeting other musicians. They too will have their own connections so a strong networking atmosphere can be developed.

Just as there are many challenges that any type of band faces, there are also many positive aspects of it. If there weren’t, then there would not be nearly as many bands in the industry that were performing. There is a lot of thought that has to go into choosing a band to be part of. The good thing is if one choice doesn’t work out then there are options to try another.